Top Flamenco Guitars ever made

Finding the best flamenco guitar in the market can be a very tiring and challenging task. This is so because a lot of brands and numerous styles of guitars have been developed and are available in the market. Most people get confused as they wander around looking for the best flamenco guitars. It is for this reason that we have decided to come up with a list of the top flamenco guitars ever made, to make your work easier when trying to select the best guitar to buy.

Flamenco Guitars

Cordoba F7 Acoustic Nylon Guitar:

This guitar is one of the best nylon flamenco guitars.The Cordoba F7 is manufactured by the Cordoba. The guitar offers a perfect Iberian sound. The guitar has an ideal soundboard-the cedar. This soundboard and also the backs and the sides made of rosewood, makes it have a warm and perfect voice that offers a beautiful classical tone. Cordoba F7 looks like an instrument that was used by the flamenco legend before he died. It is a very light guitar compared to the other musical instruments. It has a fan racing, working to reinforce it and also make it vibrate with a bit more freedom.This ensures that there is a balance in tone. F7 also has a thin body, unlike many other typical models. F7 is a very comfortable when being played, offering a very quick response and with perfect separation of notes.

Cordoba GK Studio:

Cordoba GK Studio is one of the best gigging music instrument, that has been made with a European Spruce, that is usually very solid. The solid spruce makes its top back, while its side and back are made up of rosewood of an Indian origin.This guitar has a nylon string and has a very soft cutaway. The guitar is mostly suited for the stage performance. The guitar is comprised of a neck, which is usually very thin, it also has a body, which has a width, referred to as nut width. This is its unique feature that is not usually found with a traditional type of guitar.

Lavida L30:

Lavida L30 is not a very popular guitar as compared to the other types of flamenco guitars.However, Lavida L30 has its share of unique features that make it an outstanding type of guitar in the music industry.Lavida L30 originates from Spain and is made up of quality and the laminated body. The body top part is made up of a material known as spruce.

Rosewood is the material that has been used to make the back and also the side of this guitar. It has a fingerboard that has also been made out of rosewood.Mahogany wood has been used to make the neck area, while its veneer has been made using the rosewood material.

What to consider when buying a guitar?

Most of the guitars that you will find have good and unique feature and it is, therefore, hard to say which type of guitar is really perfect.You determine the best guitar for you, by considering your tastes and preference. Basic background research is also very essential to enable you to know the different types of guitars in the market and know which one to select.

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