What is Flamenco dancing?

In the world we live today, a lot of traditional dancing styles exist. However, only a few of the traditional dances have managed to be incorporated in the modern world of music. One of these few dances is the flamenco dance. The unique features of this dance have made it very likeable music dance even in the current world. Have you ever wondered what the Flamenco dance is? Why is it so famous? We write this informative article to show you what flamenco dancing is and to show why flamenco dancing has withstood the test of time.

Flamenco dancing

Where did flamenco dance originate from?

Flamenco dancing has its roots from Spain. It was first established in the southern parts of Spain. However, flamenco dancing is said to have been as a result of many different cultures from different parts of the world. Some of the cultures said to have played part in the establishment of this dance are said to be Latin, American culture, also Cuban culture and Jewish culture is said to have influenced this dancing style.

How was the dance meant to be initially?

Initially, flamenco dance was only meant to be singing and some clapping of hands. Music was not part of this dance. Music instruments, such as guitars were not used in the ancient flamenco dance. Some people still play the dance following the traditional guidelines, but the use of instruments are more used in the current form of flamenco dancing.

Was there any training for the flamenco dancing?

Formal tutoring on the traditional flamenco dancing was not popular. People just learnt the flamenco dance from other people. For instance, you could watch your elders or friends play the dance and then you could learn from them.Unlike the past, most of the current flamenco dancers are given some formal lessons. However, there are still some dancers that learn the flamenco dance with no training from anyone.However, such instances are rare in the modern dancing world.

What is the purpose of the flamenco dance?

Flamenco dance plays a number of numerous roles.Flamenco dance evokes a lot of emotions from the dancers and the viewers.The dancers try to communicate their emotions. They use their body motions and also use facial expressions to show what they are feeling. The dance may either be used to entertain, show romance or simply to comfort.As the dancing goes on, it is common to experience some clapping and feet kicking may also be evident.

As you can see from the above points, flamenco dance is a very interesting type of a dance. It has unique features and the fact that it communicates and evokes emotions explains why this dance has been able to withstand the test of time. People find it a way of passing time and also the best way of maintaining their past traditions. The incorporation of modern instruments in the dance has made the dance more acceptable and likeable by the modern world. A lot of resources are now available that anyone can use to learn this dance. You can learn it too!


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